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Working with Edwin has truly changed my life. He knows exactly what questions to ask to empower me to find my own solutions. He expertly guided me and gave me concrete exercises and activities to help me unlock parts of myself I didn’t even know existed. It’s actually quite difficult to find words to express the profound impact that Edwin has had on my life. The many shifts, “ah-ha’s”, and lightbulb moments that have come from conversations and working in person with Edwin have forever changed my life and empowered me to become an even stronger, clearer, passionate, driven version of myself. Talking to Edwin is like talking to a best friend from childhood, a wise teacher, and a brilliant therapist all in one. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with such an outstanding coach. Thank you Edwin – for all you have done for me and for so many people. It’s a privilege to work with you.

- Gillian Mandich 

PhD| Happiness Researcher | Keynote Speaker |Media Personality 


Edwin is knowledgeable and super talented in the work that he does. I have had the privilege to work with Edwin in my Youth Program for Youth with an Intellectual Disability. I can say from working with him, I highly recommend him. Edwin is insightful, professional and very passionate in making you see beyond your imagination. His encouragement and constant motivation push you to new heights and makes you think outside your box. His leadership and dedication are truly one of a kind that you won’t be able to get anywhere else. You have inspired me and others to do our best and to reach our goals. I am thankful to know you and to have you present and coach our participants who found your coaching and teachings so inspirational. I cannot tell you how much they appreciate you and the passion you give. You gave us your all and your best work and it shows in everything that you do. Thank you for giving us your best work, your positive energy captivates us all. You’ve influenced my life for the better! I am so looking forward to working with you!

- Terry - Ann Hyman 

Program Coordinator Community Living York South 

"I'm simply amazed by Edwin. I just finished my first coaching call with him. Edwin started to ask me very direct questions, and immediately I noticed how powerful he is as a coach. He has the insight to see what you are saying and what you are not saying. Edwin was referred to me through a friend. I was reluctant to talk with him since I've had great coaches. Yet, after the first 20 minutes, I knew exactly why he would be a perfect resource for me. Edwin didn't tell me what he could do for me. He led me to see it for myself. Sure that's what good coaches do with their clients. However, I felt confident that Edwin understands me. When you find someone who understands you the potential is endless. I'm thrilled to see what 2020 brings! 2020 will be my best year yet! And, I can't wait to share it with all of the individuals I will meet. Thanks Edwin for your commitment to people, and for the work you do. You're a real blessing!"

- Michele Collins

"If you have not worked with Edwin you are missing out on an amazing and enlightening opportunity. I recently had the opportunity to be coached by him. Throughout the entire session with Edwin he was deeply engaged in the process of helping me discover more about myself than I had realized. His questions were well thought out and required me to really think about how to respond. Edwin’s passion for people not only shows through in his coaching sessions but in every conversation you have with him. He is constantly engaged in making everyone around him better. I was honoured to receive coaching from him and know that he can provide you the clarity you never knew existed in your life"

- Adam Sinkus

Leadership Development Ninja | ACES Leadership Trainer

"Edwin was highly recommended to me. So much so that I was skeptical to the point of defiance. My conversation began with me in defense mode. Edwin's patience and understanding defused my resistance allowing him to dig into the issue I couldn't see. We all have those things that hold us back that we're blind to. We learn to hide these personal roadblocks from others and in so doing, never learn to reach our highest calling and fullest potential. Edwin had a way of surgically digging into the issues and helping me understand the root of the problem, not just the things that were presenting themselves as such. I've had one conversation with Edwin. Just one. I will now have as many as I can get. I encourage you to be skeptical and defiant as I was, it makes what he does all the sweeter. You won't regret the risk of the conversation, and I guarantee you'll be the next to add your name to his list of recommendations. Call him today."

- Monte Clark

Provocative Marketer and sales strategist

"What started out as a 'get to know you' coffee, turned into an all-out White Board session with Edwin giving me the insight, clarity and vision for a project that has had me stumped for a while! It was an awesome surprise and now we've set aside time to work with Edwin in the near future to bring this project to fruition. Love his quirky, unique style and his love of metaphor, but mostly, I love his generosity and passion for what he does."

- Rina Rovinelli

Co-Founder of Speaker Slam, Emerging Speakers, Youth Slam,

Speaker Coach and Human Connection Expert

"Edwin is one of those people that you wish you had met a long time ago but I'm thankful our paths crossed when they did. From the first time I talked to Edwin, he was able to see and understand that I loved what I was doing but not living to my fullest potential. After a few sessions with Edwin talking about what really motivates me and what is stopping me from getting there, I am starting to focus more on how to live my life the way I was intended to. Sometimes we get caught up in the day to day business of our lives and forget that we actually have a purpose. Edwin will help you rediscover that purpose and ensure that you are working on it every day to live your life to the fullest and happiest. Why not start now. Highly recommend having a 'discovery' session with Edwin. You won't regret it!!"

- Charlotte Kirby

Entrepreneur | Founder, The Village Hive Coworking | Community Builder | Advisor

As a newcomer into Canada – I embraced the newness, the cold winters, the “welcome to Canada – greetings”, the snow, maple syrup and the unknown… The first few months was a novelty, then reality started setting in. I was here with my husband and kids - and then the insecurities, doubt and uncertainty of this big step stared me in the face. I felt lost and started doubting myself and my abilities. I was trying my best to keep a straight face, but it was not that easy. I was networking on LinkedIn one day and reached out to Edwin and Employee/Labour relations HR Specialist as I believed we would be able to share some interests. He accepted my invite and we started connecting, chatting and I also attended a complimentary coaching session with him. There was an immediate connection between us and I knew we were destined to meet. It felt like I met up with an old friend that I had not seen in years. Edwin’s positivity, support and ability to place things in perspective was enlightening and uplifting – I felt invigorated and energized. I truly believe that this was the beginning of a long lasting relationship of companionship and friendship - and in Edwin – I found a partner who was willing to walk beside me in my journey of discovering the good, the better and the best of who I am! After my many interactions with Edwin – be it telephonically, one on one sessions or just a quick text – I can truly say that the fire of passion and love for what I believe in has been ignited and shines brightly. I am able to live it every day and pass it on to others and most importantly – I can stay true to me in all that I do. If you believe that you have no direction…. Or your feel deflated, demotivated or just plain lost… - please do reach out to Edwin – you will never look back as you embark on a journey of a lifetime! You will never be the same again. “NAME IT, OWN IT, FEEL IT, LIVE IT” – and my personal contribution – ENJOY THE RIDE…..

- Zenia Kohler 

Human Resources Manager at Monarch Plastics Limited 

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