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  • Edwin Correa

6 Steps For Self-Care

During this challenging period, make time for self-care. 


Breathe. Take the required time in order to be present and embrace your emotions. Get away from all the noise and be present with yourself.


From the day you were born to this moment in time, you have survived a lot. 

Acknowledge the emotions you’re feeling – the fear, the anxiety. Instead of running away from it, say “I got this.” Embrace your emotion, and take control by saying thank you for showing up, then allow yourself to move on. Celebrate your inner leader and caregiver – your inner crew – who have and will continue to support you on your journey. 

Think about the steps or actions you have taken in the past to address similar circumstances or situation. What worked, what didn’t work, and why? 


Identify your top priorities and the actions required to move forward. What team members – whether it’s an external person or your inner crew – can take responsibility right now?

Take Action:

Put your plan into motion with an emphasis on living with a collaborative spirit. Ask for help or seek guidance if required. Don’t avoid, take action. Most importantly, uphold your integrity.

Be Accountable:

At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions and how you interact with others in society. You are responsible for how you respond to this situation. You are accountable for your soul.

Let Go:

Finally, learn from the experience and be accountable. 

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